Serbia hosts International Round Table “Moscow's Role in the Eurasian Space”

19/04/2023 14:00

On 18 April 2023, the International Round Table 'The Role of Moscow in the Eurasian Space' was held in Belgrade (Serbia) as part of the media forum 'It's time for capitals'.

It was organized by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly together with the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow.

The moderator was Elmira Shcherbakova, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat, Chairperson of the Council for International Cultural Cooperation of the Eurasia Peoples' Assembly.

Today much attention is being paid to the formation of a public integration model of Greater Eurasian Partnership, based on spiritual and moral principles for the sake of peace and harmony through the development of multilateral cooperation and public diplomacy.

The purpose of the round table was to find joint solutions and develop strategies for cultural and humanitarian cooperation, as this is one of the most important areas in the interaction between the states.

The round table was attended by prominent figures in science, culture, art, education, as well as the creative and business communities of Russia and Serbia.

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation in today's realities were discussed by: Natalia Edeleva, PhD in Culture studies, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA); Dmitry Edelev, PhD in Economics, Doctor of Medicine, Professor; Victor Fersht, Representative of the Soviet Peace Foundation in the UN, Professor of the European Centre of the UN University for Peace; Natalia Dzutseva, Head of the ANO "Science and Culture of the Future"; Lilijana Markovic, PhD in Philology, Professor of the Department of Japanese language, literature and culture at Belgrade University, Jovan Damjanovic, professor, Ministr Without Portfolio 1999-2000, and others.

As a result of the discussion, all participants came to the conclusion that it is important to develop cultural and humanitarian cooperation in the Eurasian space for the sake of creating a common atmosphere of trust on the continent.