RenTV: Former GDR Officer accused the West of Supporting Neo-Nazism in Ukraine

08/05/2022 20:30

Several European parliamentarians and public figures came to Moscow on Victory Day. They took part in the round table "Russia and Europe - how to preserve historical memory?".

The participants and guests of the event spoke not only about the victory in the Great Patriotic War itself, but also discussed the problems that are happening today. Foreign guests noted that Nazism, which was in Europe in the 20th century, should not come back, but today we are witnessing its manifestations in Ukraine.

The roundtable participants negatively assessed the Western countries actions that censor the Russian media, depriving the Europeans of objective information about the events in Ukraine, presenting only one point of view to the residents of the EU countries.

The leader of the Slovenian Patriot party, Mikhail Radachovsky, said that he came to Moscow to honor the memory of his grandfather, who fought alongside Soviet soldiers.

"I'm here to honor the memory of my grandfather. He fought in the Czechoslovak Legion. They helped liberate cities from Kaliningrad to Prague together with the Red Army. It is very important for me to be on this day and honor his memory," - he said.

According to him, today it is important to prevent the repetition of the Nazism history.

“It is very important to remember the horrors that happened then because of Nazism. It is very important today, first of all, this never happens again, that people meet together, especially for the countries that were participants in this event, so that this never happens again.” - he said.

A former officer of the GDR, fleet colonel Herzhard Matthes, also came to Moscow.

“I was 8 years old when the war ended. At one time I joined the army, served in the GDR. Subsequently, we found people who decided to establish an organization of former officers of the GDR. As a representative of this organization, I came to Moscow,” - he said.

According to him, there are people in Germany who understand what is really happening in Ukraine. He is convinced that the West contributed to the development of Nazism in this country and today is trying to hush up many facts. Mattes noted that he fully supports the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

"Today in this museum we saw what horrors fascism led to, and also what forces had to be used to defeat it, so it is very dangerous that today in Ukraine, as we see, it has reappeared - both fascism and neo-Nazism. The West supported its development in Ukraine and this led to the situation. We, as former military men, observed this development very carefully, saw the joint exercises of NATO and Ukrainian forces. It is important for me to say that the West specifically developed the country in this direction in order to turn the country completely against Russia, therefore I personally can say that I fully support the Russian special operation to liberate Ukraine from this new fascism and neo-Nazism," - he said.

The round table was moderated by Svyatoslav Andrianov, Director of the Center for Political Analysis and Information Security.

"We were co-organizers of this event by Russia. I am very grateful to the leadership of the Immortal Regiment. There was a request for this event from European organizations. One of the goals of our organization is to increase the level of interaction between peoples for the sake of peace and harmony," - he said.