Participants of the Project "EURASIAN KIDS" met with War Correspondent Alexei Samoletov

02/03/2020 12:52

“Stories of Peace and War”. This is the name of the meeting, which took place in Izhevsk on February 28. Cadets, young journalists, children in a difficult life situation, children of an orphanage took part in it.

Serious conversation about peace, kindness and friendship helped children to understand many modern issues. Why do wars happen? Who suffers the most from military events? These questions and many other things were discussed at the meeting with Alexei Samoletov.

This is not the first meeting of the journalist with children. Alexey Samoletov became a good teacher for many kids.  Being on military duty assignments, he brought not only reports, but also fairy tales of different nations. One of the Samoletov’s implemented projects for children is “Folk Tales from Around the World”. Many kids in different countries liked CD’s with tales recorded by Alexei.

Today, journalist Alexei Samoletov is a mentor of the Humanitarian Project “EURASIAN KIDS”.