In November, France Hosts the International Festival “All Colors of Eurasia”

15/06/2020 19:18

November 17 to 21, 2020, Orange, Lille, Paris and other cities of France will host the International Festival “All Colors of Eurasia”. The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly supported the Festival.

The goal of the Festival is preservation, development and promotion of national cultural traditions of the peoples of Eurasia; the unity of Eurasian peoples based on spiritual morality, high creativity and responsibility in all spheres of life; the creative exchange between the artistic groups from different countries of Eurasia.

This year, the organizers of the Festival, the European Association GRALTAN – the Culture Center of Eurasian peoples and the company “AltanArt” plan to bring the “Baikal” theater to France. In 2019, in the all-Russian Dance Competition, the “Baikal” Theater won the title of the best dance group in Russia.

A detailed Program of the Festival will be published in the near future. Follow the announcements.

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