The Next Issue of "Big People of Big Eurasia" Dedicated to Yuri Levitan

03/03/2020 14:27

This time our media mentors tell about the announcer Yuri Levitan.

At 17, he came to work on the radio. He came to stay at the microphone forever. He was truly a popular voice, the voice of a great country. His words made people stop and listen. About the defeats in the war, about the offensives of our army, about the long-awaited Victory and the great construction sites. “This is Moscow speaking! All the radio stations of the Soviet Union are operating.” Stop and listen to the story of a legendary man.

Let us remember, the media project "Big People of Big Eurasia" tells about great people of different nationalities of the Eurasian continent. Its target audience is children, teachers, parents. The project is being implemented as a part of the Humanitarian Project "EURASIAN KIDS" of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

More information on the website "EURASIAN KIDS"