Nadezhda’s Songs. Another Meeting in the Creative Lounge “Let's live!”

01/06/2020 23:40

Creative Lounge “Let's live!” gathered the song lovers from different countries. This time the main character of the meeting was the singer Nadezhda Utkina.

Adults and children listened to Nadezhda's stories about her creativity and, of course, her songs. There were many guests from Azerbaijan and France, Switzerland and Russia. All these countries were united by Nadezhda.

They call her the Assembly’s Sunshine. It is true. When Nadezhda comes, a song always sounds and it has a respond in souls of people from different countries.

Guests of the Creative Lounge sung songs in Russian, Udmurt and English. Each participant, regardless of age and language skills, understood what the singer was singing about, because she was singing about love: love for people, love for creativity, love for the world.