Moldova and Russia are Allies in the Fight against Lies

29/03/2022 19:56

In the photo: Igor Gorodnichy, Valery Ruzin, Kirill Denisov

The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, on the initiative of Elena Burakova, Director of the Russian Intellectual Center of the Republic of Moldova, held an international seminar for teachers on the project activities of schoolchildren for the preservation of historical memory.

It was attended by teachers, school principals, heads of public organizations and museums of Perm, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Vyborgsky district (Sovetsky settlement), Podporozhye, Volgograd, Moscow, Samara and Samara region, three cities of the Republic of Crimea (Saki, Simferopol, Tavrichesky), Chelyabinsk, Novouralsk, Voronezh, Altai Republic (village of Shebalino), Nizhny Novgorod region, Kirov region, Surgut, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg.

Representatives of schools, museums, public organizations of the Republic of Moldova, Pridnestrovie, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and the Donetsk People's Republic got acquainted with the experience of Russian colleagues.

Project activity today is in the trend of schools in Moldova and Russia. When does this work become interesting for children? When a spark runs through and affects the circle of their personal interests. Elena Kapralova (teacher-psychologist of the secondary school of Sovetsky, Leningrad region) formulated the proposals of the participants as a method:

"It is necessary to give children not only knowledge, but also self-awareness. Patriotism is an action. Preserve the history of the past and create history now."

The teacher shared how the work is organized in their school:

"A child is not only a vessel that needs to be filled, but also a full participant in the process. The school is the home for students, where they set their own rules on an equal basis with others."

Not for the first time, it was said about the need to digitize published and upcoming books about the Great Patriotic War. Because paper books often fall "dead weight" on the shelves of libraries. Taking into account modern trends is an urgent practical need in the education of patriotism.

A separate topic of the seminar – the role of the guide in the museum – was born independently during the discussion of all the speakers.

Moldovan colleagues from 24 districts of the country joined in order to adopt the Russian experience of patriotic work, because in the Republic of Moldova the state distanced itself from this problem. It can only be solved by enthusiasts who stand on the positions of historical truth.

The chairman of the Congress of Russian Communities of the Republic of Moldova, Doctor of Historical Sciences Valery Klimenko spoke at the seminar. He noted that abroad, where tens of millions of our compatriots live, the issue of preserving historical memory is not solved in any way and the events in Ukraine are the result of the failure of work with young people, when criminals became national heroes.

The Congress of Russian Communities holds events to promote Russian history, first of all, to familiarize young people with the historical heritage of Russia. The organization managed to ensure that a compulsory subject was introduced in Moldovan schools – the history, culture and traditions of the Russian people. There is no such thing in any other country in the world. But the Ministry of Education of Moldova refused to support. The Congress itself developed the program and produced textbooks that have passed serious certification at several levels. Today it is an alternative to the lies that are being told about Russia at the state level.

As a result of the meeting, it was proposed to create an Association of descendants of the 45th Rifle Division with the assistance of school No. 76 in Volgograd. International and interregional ties have been established for the implementation of memory preservation projects, new topics for international public forums have been proposed.

"We are all colleagues in maintaining Russia's presence abroad," - Valery Klimenko summed up.