A Meeting on the Problems of Sports in the Context of Restrictive Measures was Held at the Assembly’s Office in Bashkiria

27/04/2020 14:32

On April 23, 2020, the Representative office of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in the Republic of Bashkortostan, together with the Regional office of United Russia, organized an on-line meeting on support for the sports sector in the context of restrictive measures in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

The event was attended by representatives of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Representative office of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republican Civil Society Development Fund and sports organizations.

Dmitry TRAPEZNIKOV, Secretary of the Assembly's Representative office, noted the relevance of the meeting, as the sports sector is one of the most affected sectors, that tries to counter the crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

During the meeting, the participants voiced the problems that arise as a result of the cancellation of mass sports events due to the introduction of restrictive measures. For example, most mass sports events both in the Republic and in other regions of Russia were canceled, postponed indefinitely, or switched to an on-line format. Vladislav LITVINCHUK, Head of the Ufa Marathon and the RB Ski Racing Federation, cited the world experience as an example. In European countries where outdoor training was allowed during the spread of the virus, the rate of spread of the virus and then the decline in the number of cases is comparable to the global average.

The Director of the GRAPPLING wrestling Federation of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Irik MUSTAFIN, stressed in his speech that for the development of sports, in particular, grappling wrestling, it is necessary to provide conditions for sports in all municipal districts and urban districts in the Republic. Sufficient funding is needed for the construction of sports facilities, the purchase of necessary equipment, financial incentives for coaches and other assistance measures.

The General Director of the Civil Society Development Fund of the Republic of Bashkortostan Lucius ULUEVA informed participants that non-profit organizations of Bashkiria can submit competitive applications to the Civil Society Development  Fund of Bashkortostan (unified grant operator in the Republic) for grants in 10 areas, including health, promoting healthy lifestyles, physical culture and sports. Such measures can provide significant support to sports clubs whose efforts are aimed at promoting the values of a healthy lifestyle.

All proposals will be accumulated and brought to the leadership of the Republic, said Shamil ISHBULDIN, Deputy Head of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

It is also planned to hold a large-scale meeting under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the nearest future to discuss the prepared proposals for the development of physical culture and sports, including in conditions of restrictive measures.

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