The Master Class "Samoletov First" held as Part of the Humanitarian Project "EURASIAN KIDS"

02/03/2020 13:23

Blind children came to find out how the air tube is arranged, according to what laws planes fly.

Natasha Korobeinikova dared to become a real pilot together with military journalist Alexei Samoletov in Izhevsk. Natasha has Down syndrome, but that does not stop her from doing theater and being a photojournalist. Now she has conquered air tube.

Aero complex “SkyFly” was the partner of the meeting. The staff members of the center pay a lot of attention to "special" children. Kids with cerebral palsy are trained here.

This was not the first Alexei’s meeting with blind children. The children received their first lesson from the mentor of the project "EURASIAN KIDS" at one of the International Festivals of Children and Youth Media "Sunflower".