Laboratory of Digital Transformation: Vision of Strategy, Effectiveness of Solutions, Concrete Results for Authorities at All Levels

17/01/2024 15:23

The company of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly - ANO "Laboratory of Digital Transformation" (ANO "LDT") is becoming one of the most effective structures that offers specific measures to improve socio-economic indicators for authorities at various levels. Today in Moscow, an agreement was signed on information exchange and joint activities of ANO LDT and representatives of authorities of five Russian regions - Karelia, Buryatia, Murmansk region, Veliky Novgorod and Lipetsk region.

According to Pavel Basin, Director of the Laboratory of Digital Transformation established by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, to date 45 agreements have already been signed with Russian regions: “The main purpose of signing such agreements is to achieve specific results on the measures of the new national project "National Data Economy", to determine the effectiveness of the developed measures, which are ultimately focused on strengthening and improving the socio-economic indicators of the regions.”

One of the main tools of cooperation is conducting training events in digitalization, which ANO LDT will conduct in the Russian regions.

“Together with LDT, it is planned to prepare regional government authorities for the implementation of the strategy of the national project “National Data Economy.” The Laboratory of Digital Transformation of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly has extensive experience in creating effective data-based solutions, which we will integrate into the digital ecosystem of the region,” said Stanislav Kornienko, Head of the Digital Development Department of the Lipetsk region.

Already in the first quarter of 2024, ANO "LDT" will hold a seminar for industry leaders of government authorities of the Lipetsk region as part of the preparation of Russian regions for the implementation of national project activities. Similar events are planned in other regions which have agreements signed with ANO "LDT".