Komsomolskaya Pravda: Moscow celebrated the Anniversary of the Meeting of Soviet and American Soldiers on the Elbe

26/04/2023 11:00

Participants of the action laid flowers at the sculpture in the Arbat lane Sivtsev Vrazhek. Photo: Photo by the author

Moscow celebrated another anniversary of the historic Meeting on the Elbe of Soviet and American soldiers. The participants laid flowers at the sculpture in the Arbat lane Sivtsev Vrazhek, depicting the historical moment that took place on April 25, 1945 in the German city of Torgau.

Nowadays, when relations between our countries are at their lowest point in history, threatening to escalate into World War III, American and Russian activists are resurrecting the Spirit of Elbe movement through public diplomacy to call for long-awaited international dialogue and the revival of the spirit of alliance born by the efforts of our ancestors.

This idea was put forward back in 1985 by Soviet and American veterans who gathered on April 25 in the city of Torgau, and in the 1990s it seemed that the West was ready to support it along with Russia and other countries. But it turned out not. Instead, Western leaders have a different idea of a unipolar world, the dollar as the only reserve currency, the strengthening of NATO and other military alliances to ensure US global hegemony. At the same time, countries that disagree with such an agenda are included in the so-called axis of evil and are subject to harsh sanctions.

Let's hope that the Spirit of Elbe movement will help stop the process leading to the abyss and focus on creating a better future for our countries and all of humanity.

Eduard Lozansky