Kaluga Gubernskie Vedomosti: Meet and Communicate

28/08/2020 11:00

The festival of national cultures "Russia – Our Common Home” was held in Maloyaroslavets.

Last Saturday anyone could get acquainted with the customs and rituals of the peoples of the world, see the multi-coloured national costumes, products of masters. And also try national dishes for every taste - honey Tatar Chak-Chak, delicious Uzbek pilaf, delicious Armenian dolma...

In Maloyaroslavets, as part of the celebration of the National Flag Day of Russia, the V open interregional festival “Russia – Our Common Home” was held on August 22.

Before the holiday the Head of Representation of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in the Kaluga region Stefan Genic welcomed guests. He read out the greetings of the Secretary-General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Andrei Belyaninov:

– I warmly welcome the participants of the V open all-Russian festival "Russia – Our Common Home”. Let today's holiday of peace and friendship, dedicated to the day of the Russian Flag, become another evidence of our pure thoughts, another reason to join hands and unite the efforts of all peoples in the pursuit of peace without quarrels, disputes, and even more so wars.

Throughout the day, the festival featured thematic exhibitions “East-West: without borders”, “Inflorescence”, “Ivolginsky Datsan”, “World in Faces”.

In conclusion, a large gala concert was held, where the “Kaluzhsky Souvenir” dance ensemble and the “Kaluzhskaya talyanka” folk music ensemble from Kaluga, as well as national groups of the region, performed. Guests were pleased with performances by neighbors from Bryansk - the ensemble “Nadezhda” and the show ballet “Erklez”. The real gift was the performance of “Strelki” group and the extreme show of strongmen - Guinness world records “Russian Bogatyrs”

Oleg SEREGIN, assistant to the Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs:

- Russia is indeed our common home, where 190 nationalities live. Therefore, it is important for us to meet and communicate. Interest in the history and culture of different peoples is of great importance for strengthening and preserving peace and harmony.

Oleg KALUGIN, Minister of internal policy and mass communications of the region:

– More than 25 nationalities live in peace and friendship in our region. Understanding the diversity of cultures and national traditions through creative communication leads to the harmonization of interethnic relations, strengthening the unity of the Russian nation, supporting and developing the ethno-cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia living in the region.

Five years ago, it was decided to establish this festival on Maloyaroslavets land. We did not make a mistake when choosing a city with a unique history. The atmosphere here is warm and friendly, and interest in the traditions of other nations is growing every year.

Nazirjon ABDUGANIEV, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of peoples:

– The great Russian people gathered other peoples and nationalities around them. Important and significant moments are our friendship, the friendship of all those who live on the territory of our vast country.

Alexander EFREMOV, first Deputy Chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly:

– Here, as in the times of the USSR, many nationalities presented their achievements, introduced their culture, music, and traditions. This is a very significant event, because Russia is a multinational country. We are all parts of a great power and only together can we exist peacefully and move forward. Our region may not be the largest, but it is the most hospitable and multi-ethnic. We try to ensure that the slogan “Kaluga region is the Soul of Russia” is not just words, but serves for the benefit of people. It's great that we pay attention to our surroundings, to those who live nearby, and try to feel this diversity. I think this is the key to future unity.

Tatyana DROZDOVA, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region:

– This festival is not accidentally held on Maloyaroslavets land. Extraordinary, generous people live here. I want to address the young people: our future depends on you. Promote science, make discoveries, and preserve your native culture and history.

We all want to live in a peaceful, happy and strong country. When people are united by one goal and work together to achieve it, it is easy to achieve this goal. We are together, and this is our strength!


The festival is supported by the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of internal policy and mass communications of the region, the Ministry of culture of the region, the Kaluga regional branch of the all-Russian public organization "Assembly of peoples of Russia".

Elena Lutova