International Inclusive Creative Exhibition "The World Draws Happiness" opens in Cairo

29/01/2023 17:50

As part of the events of the Days of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the International Inclusive Art Exhibition "The World Draws Happiness" was opened.

The exhibition is attended by representatives of different countries and ethnic groups, united by the idea of commonality of the main criteria for assessing personal happiness. The exhibition is aimed at developing interethnic empathy, cultivating ideas of positive thinking and supporting joint creativity, including parent-children, to strengthen good neighborly relations through familiarization with spiritual and moral values, traditions and historical heritage of the countries of the world.

The exhibition presents works by artists of all ages, from seven years of age and older. They showcased their talents in a variety of arts including needlework, drawing, craft, essays and more. Works were accepted on 7 topics:

  • Emblem of happiness (craft, drawing)
  • Happiness is when you are understood (craft, drawing, essay)
  • Happiness to love the Motherland (craft, drawing, essay)
  • On duty for happiness (drawing, essay)
  • Happiness of the peoples of the world (craft, drawing, essay)
  • Happy Mail (craft, drawing, essay)
  • The happiness of being a volunteer (craft, drawing, essay).

The exhibition was a great success, demonstrating the talents and creativity of the participants, and was visited by thousands of people. The works of the winners got the opportunity to be exhibited at international exhibitions in the countries of Eurasia, to be an illustration for the postcards of the #Letters of Happiness project, to be published in the First anti-stress edition of the positive content of the magazine "Aggregator of Happiness".

The organizers thank all participants, visitors and supporters for the success of the exhibition and look forward to holding similar events in the future.