International Forum "Beauty, Health, Longevity: Health-Saving Technologies of the Peoples of Eurasia" | April 14, 2022

27/03/2022 15:49

On April 14, 2022, the Academy of Traditional Medicine, supported by the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, the Government of the Altai Republic, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Tourism, will hold an International Forum of the Greater Eurasia member States "Beauty, Health, Longevity: Health-saving technologies of the peoples of Eurasia".

The Forum is an annual platform and is aimed at finding forms of cooperation between public authorities, business and civil society of the Eurasian countries for joint initiatives in the field of achieving sustainable development goals in health tourism, traditional medicine, health and nature-saving technologies, infrastructure construction and investments in the sanatorium-resort area, cultivation of environmentally safe herbs and their processing, creation of eco-resorts and national health parks.

The Forum’s mission is to take care of the health, beauty and longevity of people, to teach and implement health-saving technologies, to develop health and ecological tourism, to promote the development of the investment climate in the Altai Republic (Russia) and the conservation of the Altai natural resources, strengthening international cooperation.

The event will be held in hybrid format (offline and online).

Details, terms of participation and contacts on the forum website: