International Exhibition of Works by Participants of the International Festival-Competition "The World Draws Happiness" May 15 – June 1, 2023 (Moscow, Russia)

12/05/2023 18:14

On May 15, the Grand opening of the International Exhibition of Works by Participants of the International Festival-Contest "The World Draws Happiness" will take place. The exhibition will be held at the Moscow Museum of Education from May 15 to June 1. We invite everyone to join the atmosphere of creativity and positive content.

Those who consider themselves experts in creativity, we invite you to take part in the Festival. The AC person is talented in everything, he is happy and wants to make the world more beautiful, he is a creator and creates works of art.

The purpose of the Festival: to unite residents of different countries, representatives of different ethnic groups through the idea of commonality of fundamental criteria for assessing personal happiness; acquaintance with the culture of participants by means of art; development of interethnic empathy; cultivation of positive thinking ideas; development of creative initiative and aesthetic taste; support for joint creativity, including parent-children; strengthening good neighborly relations by introducing the spiritual and moral values, traditions and historical heritage of countries throughout the world.

All works admitted to participation will be published on the website of the агрегаторсчастья.рф project. The works of the Festival winners and finalists get the right to participate in international exhibitions on the territory of Eurasian countries; become the basis for #ПисьмаСчастья (Lettees of Happiness) postcards; be published in the First Anti-stress Media with Positive Content magazine Happiness Aggregator and in the Festival's e-catalogue (a printed version of the catalogue is possible).

The Festival is held in online and offline formats on the territory of Eurasian countries.