An Inclusive Drum School Opened as Part of the EURASIAN KIDS Project

25/02/2020 11:42

An inclusive Drum School has been opened in Izhevsk as part of the EURASIAN KIDS project.

Kids from the “Adele” disability rehabilitation center for children and adolescents received the first lessons of playing the traditional instrument of African peoples.

The friendship of “special” children and musicians from Africa began a year ago, when African drums were first heard at the festival dedicated to the International Children's Day that took place at the “Jug band” venue. Adults and children liked exotic instruments. Then it was decided to continue the friendship further.

The idea of creating an inclusive school of African drums was supported by the mentors of the international project “EURASIAN KIDS”, director of the center Lyudmila Chesnokova (Russia) and Ebrim Mbenga (Gambia).

Three musicians Moussa Sarr (Senegal), Michael Smallman Quehmini (Liberia) led by Ebrim Mbenga teach children and their parents to play drums. Classes will be held both in person and in absentia.

Playing drums helps not only to create a positive emotional background, to find a common rhythm, language, but the main thing, to find new friends, like-minded people in different countries.