Happiness knows No Ages. International Day of Older Persons

07/10/2021 11:35

The Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly held events dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons in different cities of the Moscow region. At the photo session “There is always a fairy tale in everyone”, the participants felt themselves having young souls and being filled with happiness.

It is customary to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons everywhere on the first day of the second autumn month – on October 1. This celebration has an international status. By the way, the date was not coincidental: there is an opinion that old age is a golden time, autumn, as you know, is also called a golden time, therefore it was decided to give the older generation a special day in the midst of the autumn season.

Can old age be happy? Of course, yes. Being happy in old age is a state that absorbs all the positive experiences inherent in any age period, but enriched by previously unfamiliar feelings of joy and harmony with the world around you.

The majority of people who consider themselves truly happy at this mature age are characterized by a desire to rethink their existing life experience, an inexhaustible craving for renewal of their views and interests. Such old people don’t want to remember their past with a sigh. They actively live in the present and make plans for the future related to self-knowledge and personal self-determination. Living in harmony with themselves and the world around them, they philosophically perceive the idea of ​​the finiteness of their existence. Old wisdom, forming contemplative attitudes to life, is the basis of happiness.

Many concerns and problems have been left behind and it is finally possible to spend so much time, as you need, and not as much time as is left. It is impossible to reach a new level, continuing to live in the old way. It is imperative to find a purpose in life that will fill it with joy and love.

Marina Volkova, Head of the Happiness Department of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly