First Regional News Portal: It is planned to raise a Monument to Women-Pilots in Glazunovka, Orel Region

01/03/2022 21:00

The International Public Forum dedicated to the history of the Great Patriotic War was held in the format of an online conference. The main topic concerned the problem of preserving the memory of the 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division. Recall that this division received a trial by fire on Oryol land in February 1943. The Forum participants also discussed the feat of women-pilots who died in battles on the Oryol-Kursk Bulge. The Glazunov Agricultural College offered a platform for the audience. Public men from the regional branch of the "Union of Soviet Officers", search teams, students and teachers of the technical school gathered here. Schoolchildren from Kursk, Murmansk, Borisoglebsk were in touch with them. And even specialists from Lithuania and India. One of the results of the forum was the plans to install a monument to pilots of small bomber aircraft in Glazunovka.