Fairway of Good: International Historical and Patriotic Program a “Week of Memory” has started in Sevastopol. Video

28/08/2020 22:02

Sevastopol hosts the International Historical and Patriotic Program “Week of Memory” to preserve the historical heritage, the truth about the Great Patriotic war and the feats of heroes. It is attended by well-known scientists, historians, political scientists and public organizations from various regions of Russia and the countries of Eurasia. They will make presentations in person and at online conferences, round tables and forums from August 28 to September 3.

The event is held as part of the project Crimean Eurasian School of Partnership, which is implemented by the Sevastopol Representation of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly at the expense of the Presidential Grants Fund.

The Grand Opening of the “Week of Memory” was held in the Museum Historical and Memorial Complex to the Heroic Defenders of Sevastopol “35th coastal battery” - a significant place where the liberation of the Crimea was completed in 1944.

“In such places, one feels pain and pride for our Soviet people, who won a Victory 75 years ago. Today it is our responsibility and duty to preserve the memory of the events and exploits of the defenders, - said Svetlana Smirnova, President of the Assembly of peoples of Russia. - This year, 2020 has been declared the year of memory and glory. And the Assembly of peoples of Russia holds various forums and actions in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Russia is the banner of peace. We know the price of victory and human life, so events like a “Week of Memory” are necessary and important.”

"Together, we will join efforts to preserve historical memory, patriotic education of young people, as well as against attempts to falsify history. To do this, we will hold scientific-practical and cultural-educational conferences, international youth roundtable meetings, public forums and other events - said the Head of the Project Crimean Eurasian School of Partnership” - Alla Lugvishchik.

Participants of the “Week of Memory” will see and discuss documentaries about the Great Patriotic War, attend exhibitions and master classes of decorative and applied arts, a festival of national cuisine of the peoples of Crimea and Sevastopol, a historical quest and excursions to the memorable places of the hero city.

Author, photo and video: Yulia Korneva