Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Sets Up a Directory of Authorized Education Consultants

01/06/2020 20:17

On May 27, 2020 the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Education Export Center held the first online Global Russian Education Day (Global RED).

On behalf of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Global RED was welcomed by the Deputy Head of the General Secretariat for International Cooperation, Yulia Petrova.

“Eurasian People’s Assembly actively supports cross-border academic cooperation. The Committee for International Education and Partnership has been established to coordinate this activity within the Assembly.

This Committee is increasingly becoming one of the most influential communities for international education in Russia bringing together managers and specialists from academic international departments and experts. One of the tasks of the Committee is creation of market conditions which allow effective interaction between universities and education consultants.

As technologies are developing and information is becoming more and more accessible, the role of education consultants is also emerging to be more socially-oriented through helping applicants to navigate and interpret the vast amount of data available on the Internet. Due to this perception, it would be wise to switch from agency-based business to consultancy and advisory. And we see how this process is taking place globally.

Usually, education consultants help their clients make transition to another country not only for education purposes, but also for building career, plan the steps for them. Thus, awareness of different education markets is the key for education consultants and advisors. Therefore, we are happy to observe that Education Export Center organizes regular trainings on basic and specific issues of Russian education for the global community of education consultants.

By supporting universities in fulfilling their commitments related to the Russian Federal Project of Education Export, on one hand, and encouraging international education consultants to get better awareness of Russian education market, on the other hand, as well as perceiving international students and their parents as main beneficiaries, the Assembly in coordination with Education Export Center is going to set up a directory of authorized education consultants. This directory will be made available on Eurasian People’s Assembly website for the use of universities, students and their parents, experts, government bodies, mass media, etc.

In the nearest future we will be able to share more details about this initiative that is primarily aimed at bringing the best students with the help from the best consultants to study in the best universities”, – said Yulia Petrova.