EURASIA KIDS - Winner for the Presidential Grants Competition

16/01/2023 12:47

Project “EURASIA KIDS. Peace Ambassadors” became the winner of the Russian competition of Presidential grants.

“EURASIA KIDS. Peace Ambassadors” is a project that acquaints modern children with intercultural interaction, the formation of patriotic education, and the manifestation of interest in the historical and cultural heritage of Russia through active immersion in the creative design and research process.

It represents a series of events aimed at involving children of different ethnic groups of the Eurasian space in broadcasting knowledge about cultural values, spiritual and moral traditions of the peoples of Russia and world Eurasian cultures. The main principle of the project is “children to children”, since this approach helps children to understand and accept both the values of patriotism and the peculiarities of intercultural interaction easier, more accessible. At the same time, the project offers not just the transmission of values, but also the direct involvement of children in specific activities - the publication of their stories, photo and video materials about the cultural and historical diversity of Russia, shaping them into ready-made media projects.

The project includes several stages, the first of which will be the formation of a creative environment for children and adolescents to communicate on the principles of friendliness and mutual understanding, promote peacekeeping initiatives through a series of creative online workshops. Within five online meetings, more than 500 children from different regions of the Russian Federation, different ethnic groups will get acquainted with the basics of intercultural communication through the disclosure of creative potential. At the second stage, the project participants will receive practical training in the development and release of a series of creative media projects online.

Experts in various areas of media (photos, videos, podcasts, texts, etc.) will tell and teach children how to put into practice photo, video, text materials about the cultural diversity of the peoples of Eurasia and Russia, turning them into media projects for wide access. The result is the release of a map with more than 50 media projects in developing children's diplomacy, strengthening the Eurasian partnership in the information environment.

The next stage of the project will be the organization and conduct of an educational internship "Expedition to the holiday" for selected 15 children with the aim of practical immersion in the ethnic environment. Following the results of the internship, the children of Eurasia will be invited to the capital of Russia, Moscow, for a presentation of work within the final forum.

In conclusion, the best media projects of children will be presented at international and all-Russian public diplomacy forums, as well as recommended as practices for educating the future generation.