EURASIA KIDS: “Solar People” charge everyone around with Positive

21/03/2021 20:37

Today, on March 21, it is truly sunny all over the world. But it's not about the weather. Today is the International Down Syndrome Day. For the first time it was held in 2006 at the initiative of Down Syndrome International Association, and since 2012, the United Nations has officially celebrated it as a global awareness day.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder when an extra chromosome appears in the human body. As a result, the total number of chromosomes becomes equal to 47, instead of the required 46.

However, this does not stop people with this syndrome from living life to the fullest. They are very sincere with people; sometimes, one can and should take an example from them. “Solar People” – we call them, because people with Down syndrome charge everyone around with a positive.

Solar People are very talented, versatile and inspiring. In the video below, Ebrima Mbenga, the media mentor of the EURASIA KIDS project, and his student Natasha Korobeinikova play African drums.

Author – Karina Paronyan,