EURASIA KIDS for Safe Holidays. Results of the Contest “Children - Summer! Injuries-STOP!”

08/07/2020 15:08

A summer without injuries is easy to spend,
Act, play, but don’t get out of hand!
Don’t be flighty, think with your head,
And nothing will happen to you and your friend!

Safarova Shakhnoza, 11 years old,
Tyumen Region, KHMAO-Yugra, Nizhnevartovsk

Organizers summed up the results of the regional contest among children and adolescents for the prevention of child injuries “Children - Summer! Injuries-STOP!” Organizers of the contest: International Friendship Club EURASIA KIDS, Center for Medical Prevention in Nizhnevartovsk. The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly supported the contest.

The main aim of the competition is to involve children in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the formation of positive health-saving life attitudes in children and adolescents, and the prevention of child injuries during school holidays.

The contest was held in three categories: “Drawing”, “Photo”, and “Slogan”. In total, almost three hundred works were submitted for participation. The prizes were distributed as follows:

Best Photo “Children - Summer! Injuries-STOP!”

1-st place - Zabaluev Makar, Nizhnevartovsk

2-nd place - Denis Kalinin, Tyumen District, Perevalovskoe MO

3-rd place - Chesnokova Dasha, Tyumen District, Moskovsky

Jury Prize “For Creativity and Mutual Assistance” - Maria Basileeva, Nizhnevartovsk.

Best Drawing “Children - Summer! Injuries-STOP!”

1-st place - Alieva Miryam, Nizhnevartovsk

2-nd place - Maxim Kukushkin, Nizhnevartovsk

3-rd place - Gareev Artu, Nizhnevartovsk

Jury Prize “Originality” – Milovanova Tatiana, “On the Beach”, Tyumen.

Jury Prize “For an Active Life Position” - art Studio “We can Draw” under the direction of O. V. Shevchenko, Tyumen.

Best Slogan “Children - Summer! Injuries-STOP!”

1-st place - Safarova Shakhnoza, Nizhnevartovsk

2-nd place - Storozh Sofia, Nizhnevartovsk

3-rd place - Alena Nikolaeva, Nizhnevartovsk

JuryPprize “Concise Slogan" – Shanavazov khadizha, Nizhnevartovsk, and Akhmetshin, Daniel, Langepas.

Speaking about the results of the contest, Head of the International Friendship Club EURASIA KIDS Ekaterina Volodina reminded that despite the steady decline in the level of injuries in the country in recent years, the problem of children's summer injuries remains extremely relevant.

Ekaterina Volodina noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments in the prevention of injuries activities of educational organizations, but the work in this direction has not stopped. Activities are conducted online. Children of the International Friendship Club EURASIA KIDS took part in interactive surveys and online contests, and were tested on first aid. She also stressed that especially during summer holidays increased attention should be paid to the prevention of child injuries.

Maria Podkopayeva, Chair of the Contest Jury, said: “It is important to teach children correct behavior, injury prevention and first aid from an early age. Our task is to tell chldren about the dangers that can lie in wait on the road, on the water, on the street, and teach them basic safety rules”.

The Jury members wished all participants of the contest bright impressions, sunny and safe summer holidays.

Congratulations to the winners!