EURASIA KIDS #Победа75 The International Day of Fascist Concentration Camps Prisoners Liberation

11/04/2020 08:00

April 11 is the International Day of Fascist Concentration Camps Prisoners Liberation. It was on this day in 1945 that the uprising of prisoners in the Buchenwald camp, which was located in Germany, took place. On that day, the exhausted, maimed people were able to disarm more than 800 soldiers of the guard. On April 13, the camp was completely liberated. More than 21,000 prisoners were released, including more than 900 children.

The little prisoners of Buchenwald, Auschwitz and other concentration camps did not have nationalities or social status. They were united by one thing: terrible trials that had befallen on children's share. In difficult conditions, they had the toughest time. Because of their age, often they were unable to perform work in the same way as adults.

One of the most terrible “children's” camps was Salaspils. Thousands of children were killed and tortured there. Salaspils was a blood bank. The blood was drawn from small prisoners for German hospitals. Exhausted and starved kids could not withstand brutal experiments. Poisons were tested on children, they were given lethal injections, they were sent to gas chambers. Fascist doctors amputated limbs of  some test-subject children. According to the act of forensic medical examination of mass children's graves of the Salaspils concentration camp (04/28/1945), 632 bodies were found in 54 graves remaining on its territory. Of them, 114 were infants, 106 - children from one to three years old, 91 - three to five years old, 117 - three to eight years old.

Monuments to young prisoners of fascist camps have been erected in many cities around the world. And the survivors, even now, many years after the war, do not like to remember their childhood. It hurts too much.

Let the souls of little angels, tortured by the bigots, help everyone #детиевразии survive the difficulties today. We remember and will not forget.

Prepared by Kirill Chirkov

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