EURASIA KIDS. Creative Online Meetings with Media Mentors Have Started

08/04/2020 11:05

The first guest was Ebrima Mbnega (Gambia), founder of the African drums show “African Hearts”. The kids learned about the history of traditional African instruments. It turns out that the drum “jambe” is a very old instrument. Once, the rulers used to gather large people with its help. 

Today, 11 languages are spoken in the Gambia. But they all are united by the drum. By the way, today "jambe" has become popular in many countries.

“My city is like an island, it is a cultural center,” - Ebrima says. “People sing and dance here. My mother sings well. I learned to play the drums from childhood, and then I left it in the 8th grade. I remembered it when I came to Russia to study. I had only one drum, now I have 17 instruments. We work hard and perform. And money is not the main thing in our business. I always think: The money may run out. What good can I do for people?”

Today, Ebrima and his musicians help children with disabilities. He plans to create a Center of African Culture, where everyone can learn about his hot homeland.