EURASIA KIDS. Are There Any Tales About Space?

09/04/2020 17:38

Another online meeting of the EURASIA KIDS project was devoted to fairy tales. The military columnist of the “Star” TV, the media mentor of the #детиевразии project Alexey Samoletov told about the project “Tales of the Peoples of the World”. A few years ago, he recorded CD’s of fairy tales of different nations. The journalist has brought from his military trips not only reports, but also legends and myths. Both adults and younger listeners loved audio tales of Burma, Japan, China, Korea.

When did the very first fairy tale appear? Are there any tales about space? Which are the scariest characters? Alexey Samoletov answered these and many other questions asked by children, teachers and parents.

“Tales of different nations, like people, roam the world, cross the oceans. So fairy tales of different countries resemble each other. The English fairy tale is similar to the French fairy tale, and the Chinese fairy tale is similar to the Russian one, - says the journalist. - The first listeners of the CD’s were visually impaired children, children with disabilities and children left without parents. Situations in life can be different, but a fairy tale should be in everyone’s childhood. The project includes 52 fairy tales. In the future, it is planned to record audio tales of the European and American peoples. A fairy tale, like goodness, has no boundaries”.

By Kirill Chirkov