“EURASDIA KIDS. Ambassadors of Peace". The largest Eurasian Project gathers Participants at the Forum

14/11/2023 10:32

On November 17 - 19, 2023, the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University will host the forum “EURASIA KIDS. Ambassadors of Peace." This is one of the stages of the project, which the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly implements with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation. The main idea is to promote the involvement of modern children in intercultural interaction and enrichment, the formation of patriotic education, and the expression of interest in historical and cultural heritage through active immersion in the creative, design and research process.

Experts from the educational internship “Holiday Expedition”, students, teachers, and schoolchildren will take part in the forum.

The event program includes a presentation of the best practices of the “EURASIA KIDS. Ambassadors of Peace” project and a ceremonial summing up of its results. Also, the key activities of the forum will be: a strategic session on the development of the project, a round table “Raising children in a multinational environment”, working meetings.

The forum will host an exhibition of another international project, “Angels of Peace,” which is being implemented with the support of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. Young participants of the event will also enjoy an exciting cultural and leisure program: walking tours and visits to Moscow theater venues, an excursion to the Sretensky Monastery.

Project “EURASDIA KIDS. Ambassadors of Peace” started in February this year. It includes a series of events aimed at involving children of different ethnic groups of the Eurasian space in transmitting knowledge about cultural values, spiritual and moral traditions of the peoples of Russia and world Eurasian cultures.

The cycle has several stages, the first of which was the formation of a creative environment for communication between children and adolescents on the principles of friendliness and mutual understanding, and the promotion of peacemaking initiatives.

As part of a series of creative online workshops, more than 500 children from different regions of the Russian Federation (including new regions: DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions) and different ethnic groups became acquainted with the basics of intercultural communication.

At the second stage, project participants learned how to develop and produce creative media projects. Experts taught children how to practically apply photos, videos, and text materials about the cultural diversity of the peoples of Eurasia and Russia.

The third stage of the project is the educational internship “Holiday Expedition”, which took place in Udmurtia. It brought together participants from Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Buryatia, Uzbekistan, Irkutsk, Vologda, Moscow and the Moscow region. Children and adults met with the Buranovsky grandmothers, visited the ancient merchant city of Sarapul, and visited the K. Gerd National Museum.

The outcome of the project is a map indicating more than 50 media projects in developing children's diplomacy and strengthening the Eurasian partnership in the information environment.

The project “EURASDIA KIDS. Ambassadors of Peace" will be completed in December this year, when methodological materials based on its work will be created.