Christmas Unites: Third International Festival - TV Bridge

08/01/2022 17:56

For the third year in a row, The International Festival-TV Bridge "Christmas Unites" supported of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is held for third time.

The Feast of the Nativity of Christ is celebrated in many countries of the world.

A performance by representatives of many nations celebrating Christmas on one platform helps people to see and hear each other, to unite in their good aspirations and deeds.

The main objectives of the Festival are to create opportunities and favorable conditions for intercultural dialogue, the unity of the peoples of Eurasia and the upbringing of the younger generation on basic spiritual and moral values ​​common to all mankind.

The fabulous "Snow Angel" has become the amulet and emblem of the International Festival-TV Bridge "Christmas Unites". It appeared thanks to the excellent artist, head of the art department of the Children's Art School in the city of Bogdanovich (Russia) Nadezhda Gorbach.

The festival was held in two stages:

  1. December 15 - 25, 2021 on the official website of the organization, as well as on the official pages of the Festival in social networks:;,
  2. January 7, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (Moscow time), a festive broadcast and a teleconference Russia - France - Italy - Bulgaria - Switzerland - Belarus:

Video link:

Festival founders:

  • Administration of the city district Bogdanovich;
  • "Center for the modern cultural environment of the urban district Bogdanovich";
  • Sverdlovsk Regional Association of Public Associations "National-Cultural Associations of the Sverdlovsk Region";
  • Association for the Development of Culture Art Concept (France, Paris).

Festival partners:

  • European Association GRALTAN (France);
  • Association "Friends of Russian seasons in the 21st century" (France);
  • Centro di Teatro Internazionale (International Theater Center) (Florence, Italy);
  • Factory of Culture "San Benedetto del Tronto" (San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy);
  • Bishops' Children's Singing Chapel "Oktoikh" (Russia).

We thank old friends for their support and are sincerely glad to new members!