A Business Breakfast was held as part of the EAEU and CIS Youth Forum "Kelechek" ("Future")

28/08/2022 14:28

As part of the EAEU and CIS Youth Forum “Kelechek” (“Future”), on August 26, a business breakfast was held at the Rukh Ordo cultural center for representatives of professional youth with the Deputy Heads of Government of the EAEU and the CIS, as well as Chairman of the EEC Board Mikhail Myasnikovich and Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Sergey Lebedev. Representing the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Secretary General Andrei Belyaninov and First Deputy Secretary General - Head of the General Secretariat Svetlana Smirnova took part in the business breakfast.

In an informal setting, the delegates shared the results of the presentation of the foresight sessions. Topics covered were:

  1. Youth integration in the Eurasian space;
  2. Science and education;
  3. Construction of career trajectories and development;
  4. Youth tourism.

The delegates and participants of the forum made proposals on launching a program of work experience and internships, on the development of youth tourism in the CIS countries and the EAEU. Delegates from Russia proposed to create a community of young entrepreneurs of the EAEU. There were options proposed for holding cultural events on a regular basis to educate young people.

It should be noted that Mikhail Myasnikovich emphasized the importance of the youth movement in the development of Eurasian integration.