Bernard Loze: We Must Tell the Wars - “Never again!”

27/04/2020 10:18

The participants of the International teleconference “Meeting on Elbe 75”, held on April 24, 2020, were welcomed in a video address by co-Chairman of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, knight of the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation,  Bernard Loze.

“April 25 is a very important date when the Allies the Americans and the Russians met on the Elba. It’s more than symbolic because a big portion of that river became for very long time after the war the border between the East and the West. This should not be forgotten. This border has disappeared and let’s hope it’s for the good and forever. Russians and Allies had beaten fascism and the Germans. They were together. The mattering point actually is that every time there was one hope and one say - “Never again”. People want peace and they never want to see war again.

Nowadays there is a lot of tension in the world. Who knows what’s going to happen with what we are going through right now. But let’s never forget it. Let's use all the existing tools, the ones you know (or maybe we should create something new), so that this doesn't happen again. People want peace; we want our children, grandchildren to be happy and to have a good life. Let’s do that for them. Let’s attract all necessary forces for that.”

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