Armenia Celebrated Motherhood and Beauty Day. EURASIA KIDS on the Holidays of the Peoples of the World

08/04/2020 12:25

On April 7, Armenia celebrated a very good holiday - Motherhood and Beauty Day. This holiday usually has a mass character, but this year people held it within the family circle.

In Armenia, this holiday has been given official status. It is similar March 8th. Motherhood and Beauty Day is considered one of the most important. This holiday for the Armenian people, and especially for children, has a long history. It was celebrated by Armenians in Soviet times and is much loved in Armenian families.

Motherhood and Beauty Day is associated with the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Usually, on this day blessing of pregnant women is held in churches, since this day has also been proclaimed the Day of the Blessing of Motherhood by the decree of the Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

As a rule, social events are held on this Day: concerts, art exhibitions ... And, of course, everyone gives flowers to beloved women.

Prepared by Maroussia Kochurova