Andrey Nazarov: the Experience of Building a COVID Hospital in Sterlitamak (Russia) will be Useful to Other Countries

12/11/2020 11:41

In Bashkiria, a temporary Clinical and Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Centre is being built in Sterlitamak. The construction is based on good experience in constructing an infectious diseases hospital near Ufa. More than 400 people and more than 60 pieces of equipment work at the construction site. All works are carried out around the clock. All concrete works are 100 per cent completed, tree planting and landscaping are being completed.

The total bed capacity of the new building is 60 boxes for round-the-clock stay and 14 resuscitation boxes. The Sterlitamak infection centre will have a surgical Department where doctors can perform operations on patients with COVID-19 and other infections.

The centre will also include an obstetric and gynaecological unit, a reception and diagnostic department (including computer tomography, endoscopy, ultrasound diagnostics, functional diagnostics and x-ray rooms), a bacteriological laboratory, and a pharmacy.

Doctors will be able to live in a comfortable hostel with 40 beds.

The Prime Minister of Bashkortostan - Head of the Representative office of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russia) Andrey Nazarov personally controls the quality and timely handover of the object.

“The infection centre that we are currently building in Sterlitamak will be the best in Russia both in terms of equipment and in terms of treatment technology. In addition to 74 standard isolation wards and 14 intensive care units (one of them for new-borns), we will also build an operating unit, as well as children's, maternity and emergency departments. In general, everything will be in one place. Today, 7 regions of the country have shown interest in our project. Two of them have already started building their own hospitals based on our experience, and in Chelyabinsk our Bashkir builders work now. After the completion of the work, we will be able to offer our project to other countries. By the way, in a few days I will present our hospital at the Forum in Moscow. Our colleagues asked us,” - said Andrey Nazarov.

On December 1, doctors will admit first patients in the new hospital.

“The centre will be build on time and would not yield to world-class clinics,” - said the Head of the Representative office of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Bashkortostan (Russia).