The 9th Session of the International Public Forum of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly helped the Family find Their Hero

02/12/2021 16:19


The 9th session of the International Public Forum "Immortal Memory: Recall All by Name!" held in Volokolamsk (Russia) on November 17-18, 2021, helped the relatives of the deceased hero learn about his feat.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly received a letter from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan):

“A month ago, on Facebook, a young guy from Kazakhstan Husey Parsa, a member of your Forum, published an article about a participant in the Great Patriotic War Dinloer Nura Khakhazovich, born in 1922. This is my mother's brother Dinshanlo Aisha.

Today I watched the broadcast of the 9th Session with bated breath. What people, how carefully they talk about their work! What you do is priceless!

Unfortunately, our uncle went to the front being very young, he was not married, had no children. We only knew that my mother had a brother and he was called to the front, but did not return. All these years he was considered missing.

Thanks to your search groups, we learned that our uncle Dinloer Nur fought in the 629th Rifle Regiment of the 132nd Division of the 84th Rifle Corps of the 1st Baltic Front. He was killed on September 13, 1944 in a battle near the village of Panovo, Vitebsk region. And he was buried there.

He was drafted from the Kyrgyz Republic.

Many thanks and a deep bow to all of you for your work and efforts!

Special thanks to Husey Parsa!"