“World in Faces” Exhibition opened in France as part of the “All Colours of Eurasia Festival”

14/10/2020 12:00

A unique exhibition of Alexander Himushin “World in Faces” has opened in France, reported the organizer and project Manager of the festival “All Colours of Eurasia” Galina Druon. It is unique; its photos represent people from different parts of our vast planet.

The ceremonial opening was held in the major University City of Lille, as part of the International festival “All the Colours of Eurasia”. The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly supports this annual Festival.

Alexander Himushin calls himself a photographer-traveller. In fact, he is a real ethno photographer, because in his portraits people are shown in national clothes and with ornaments characteristic of representatives of a particular people. He says: “All the authentic national culture, not a Museum, but a real one, is now concentrated in very far corners of the world, so I go to the most remote and inaccessible corners of the planet, where one can get acquainted with the culture, customs and way of life of indigenous peoples.” The photographer is most interested in small peoples that are on the verge of extinction. These aspirations coincided with the idea of Tatiana Lambolez. She holds a festival in France dedicated to preserving the culture of the endangered peoples of Siberia and the North.

Last year Tatiana Lambolez visited Buryatia and after seeing the photo exhibition of Alexander Himushina, decided to get acquainted with the talented artist. As a result of this business meeting, Tatiana invited Alexander to come to France and present his photos as part of the International festival “All Colours of Eurasia”. Quarantine measures may have hindered these plans, but the painstaking organizational work for the festival and exhibition continued throughout the year and despite all the obstacles, the photographs arrived in France in early autumn.

Alexander Himushin's exhibition ceremonial opening in France took place on October 5. This event was accompanied by the opening of the scientific and practical conference “music of nomads” at the University of Lille. World-renowned musicologist and ethnographer, specialist in the world music Francois Bensinger held the conference. Thanks to his vivid story and video sketches, the audience made a musical journey from Siberia to Africa, then visited the steppes of Central Asia and returned to Europe.

The organizer of the event Tatiana Lambolez presented the Alexander Himushin’s exhibition. The presentation was held in a somewhat unusual way.

The Cultural Department of the University of Lille and the managing Director, Dominique Lefebvre, carefully observed all the sanitary requirements under quarantine. Because of these requirements, these pictures were exhibited at the “La Passarel” theatre. From the screen installed on the stage, a video greeting of Alexander Himushin himself was shown; he was unable to come to his own Vernissage in France due to quarantine.

The wonderful artist Bogdan Nesterenko embellished the cultural event with a virtuoso performance of musical pieces on the Russian Bayan.

From Lille, the paintings will move to the South of France, to the city of Orange. And there, in Orange, in November of this year, if the borders open, the festival “All Colours of Eurasia” should be held. The company “Altanart” and the Association “Graltan” in collaboration with the Mayor of Orange and French Department of Vaucluse annually organize it.

Tatiana Lambolez, organizer of the festival and exhibition, says: “Our big project “All Colours of Eurasia” raises very important issues. Our goal is not only to show the Europe the diversity and identity of the peoples of the world; not only to attract the attention of the European public to the problem of endangered small peoples, but, taking into account the current political events, we raise not less but maybe even more important issue of tolerance in relation to other nationalities, religions and cultures for the sake of peace in our Land.”

The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly actively cooperates with partners and friends from France. In June this year, the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly held an online meeting with French colleagues as part of the project “Meetings with Partners”.