UNESCO in Russia: Eurasian Peoples' Assembly - a Successful Platform for Implementing Multilateral Initiatives

02/06/2020 13:38

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly received an official congratulation on its third anniversary on behalf of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

“During these years of fruitful work, the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly has managed to unite several thousand like-minded people from all over the Eurasian continent. It has earned high authority as an effective and successful platform for implementing multilateral initiatives. The multilateral activity of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is entirely correlated with the priorities of the key humanitarian organization of the world - UNESCO and makes a great contribution to the expansion of international relations of Russia” - wrote Grigory Ordzhonikidze, Executive Secretary of the Commission and the Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Andrei Belyaninov, Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

He wished the Assembly “further prosperity and success in its mission to strengthen interethnic peace and harmony”.