Council for International Economic Activity Discussed Issues of Russian Regional Products Export to China

06/07/2020 14:35

On July 2, Chairman of the Council for International Economic Activity of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly Rinat Golda met with representatives of the Russian-Chinese Innovation Park “Silk Road” and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Trading House “Kremlevsky”.

The topic of the meeting was to discuss ways to bring Russian regional food products and goods to the Chinese market.

With the arrival of federal networks, regional producers are forced to look for new markets, since large retailers practically do not work with small suppliers; it is not profitable for them. In addition, in China, they are willing to buy and sell Russian food and goods, since the quality requirements in Russia are stricter than in Asian countries.

General Director of the Russian-Chinese Innovation Park “Silk Road”, Ms. Han Zhong, noted that Russian cereals, flour, vegetable oil, alcohol, honey and offal are in particular demand in China, for example, chicken legs, which are almost not used in Russia, but in China are a delicacy and cost more than $ 40 per kilogram.

As a result, the participants determined the stages of further joint work and agreed to continue discussing this issue with the direct participation of regional producers.