Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Eurasia: We’ve got a lot to learn from each other

02/05/2020 20:31

On April 30, at 3 p.m. (Moscow time), the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly represented by the Committee for Support of women's entrepreneurship of the Council for International Economic Activity, the Association for Language Education and International Cooperation and the Fund for Social and Economic Development of Regions FORAR held an online meeting “Chambers of Commerce - a resource for supporting international economic cooperation during the crisis”.

The speakers of the meeting:

  • Lena Gronkova (Czech Republic) - member of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, owner of a luxury Real Estate company,
  • Panovska Inga (Czech Republic) - Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ivanova Nataliya (Russia) – advisor to managing Director of the Leontiefskiy Centre Consortium - AV Group; corporate Director of AV Group; member of the Board of Directors of the International network of experts Souzconsalt; advisor to the President of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs; member of the MCCI and the CCI of the RF, Vice-President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio; co-founder and co-chair of the Council for Consolidation of Women's Movement of Russia; co-founder, senior Vice-President of the International Association “Club of Clubs”.
  • Feichter-Moskalenko Tatiana (Russia – Czech Republic - Austria)  - Association of Language Education and International Cooperation.
  • Alexey Stulov (Russia) - Vice-President of the Union “Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the city district of Podolsk”, Deputy General Director for technical development of LLC “Transformer”, Candidate of Technical Sciences.
  • Eugenie Schlosser (Germany) - Lead Investigator for Deloitte.
  • Alyona Shvetsova (Russia) - entrepreneur, founder of RDIC (Resource Distribution Information Center), partner and official representative of the group of companies Hong Kong/China SKYLEX GROUP LTD.

The meeting was moderated by Elena Drobakh, co-Chair of the Council for International Economic Activity, Head of the Committee for Support of Women's Entrepreneurship of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, President of the FORAR Social and Economic Development Fund, and an economic columnist for RIA “Banks and Finance”.

The online meeting was attended by representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and representatives of the business community of Russia, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Korea.

During the meeting, issues of international integration of projects in pharmacology, medicine, and the IT sector were discussed. Representatives of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber spoke about the entrepreneurs support measures within the country and in international markets, as well as about the preparation and launch of an online platform for organizing interaction between Russian and Czech businessmen.

Eugenie Schlosser (Germany, Deloitte) spoke about the risks that entrepreneurs may face after “restarting” their business in the new conditions.

Natalia Ivanova spoke about the formation of business support packages of the CCI of the Russian Federation.

Alena Shvetsova shared cases of the working experience with partners from China, which are being implemented there under current economic conditions.

Alexey Stulov shared his view on the problem of digitalization of real sectors of the Russian economy in the current crisis and pandemic. The participants of the meeting agreed that special attention should be paid to this topic.

“We’ve got a lot to learn from each other,” - Natalia Ivanova said. “Integration and partnership are the engines of international interaction.”

During the meeting, participants and speakers exchanged their opinions on the effectiveness of the proposed measures to support business in different countries. They confirmed the opinion that the role of Chambers of Commerce in the current economic situation is clearly increasing.

We thank the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce for its informational support of the event.