Happiness Ambassador

Project name: Happiness Ambassador

Project Manager: Volkova Marina Leonidovna - Peace Ambassador, Associate Professor of Public Relations Department of the Spanish-Russian Web Institute, the author of the method of socialization through the fairy tale "A fairy tale in each of us"

Duration of the project: 1 year with subsequent prolongation

Dates: April 22, 2021 - December 31, 2021 (with subsequent prolongation)

Project initiator: Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

Partners: Charitable Foundation "Give Good to the World", Charitable Foundation "Give Love to the World"

Description of the project: Children's diplomacy of happiness. Children are ready to generously share with goodness and happiness, even if they themselves are terminally ill. Masha Gutova is the smallest ambassador of happiness in the project and the prototype of its protagonist - the  first doll in the world, in its name Masha's diagnosis of SMA (muscle atrophy syndrome) is encrypted. It is very important that children grow up in an environment where people are not divided according to external, mental or social indicators. Children were born for happiness, and the task of adults is to preserve their ability to sincerely enjoy every little thing, and this should be done in all countries of the world, because happiness has no borders and no nationality.

Goal: To ensure that children in all countries of the world feel equal, regardless of origin, social status and health status.


  • Development of children's happiness diplomacy.
  • Help children from all over the world share their happiness with others.
  • Spreading and maintaining the idea that the task of adults is to preserve in children the ability to enjoy every little thing.


Stage 1: April 14, 2021 -  Launch of the International Festival of Creative Works "Share Your Happiness". Compilation and making postcards based on the best children’s works.

Stage 2: Presentation of the Department of Happiness at Assembly and partners’ events. Attracting partners from other countries.

Stage 3: Conducting Round Tables and forums on the topic of happiness.

Stage 4: Speeches by young ambassadors of happiness at the Assembly and partners’ events.

E-mail: volkova@eurasia-assembly.org


Project news:

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Video Premiere “Happiness does exist!” will take place on June 1 as part of the Open Lesson “Happy Childhood in Eurasia”